Sat 26 December 2015 | tags: NAB, Security, Best Practices, -- (permalink)

A bank that ignores their own security advice? Yep, that appears to be what NAB is doing.

A typical Email or SMS Scam goes something like this.

Your Internet Banking Account has been disabled due to suspicious activity. Please call this number XXXX-XXXX to restore access. Thanks Bank X Security ...

Thu 25 April 2013 | tags: security, updates, wordpress, wp-cli, -- (permalink)

Wow. Somehow I missed when this amazing tool was released. wp-cli. Just wow.

I have a bunch of scripts I use to keep all the Wordpress installs up to date on my server, it finds all the installs, then it downloads the latest version, checks each install for the installed ...

Tue 05 April 2011 | tags: password, project honey pot, pwdhash, security, spam, -- (permalink)

I recently pushed out a new version of the GRASE Hotspot. I spent lots of time working on rewriting the splash/welcome page, and login forms so that they would work even with javascript disabled, and allow you to force it into the non javascript version if you are having ...

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