Sat 26 December 2015 | tags: NAB, Security, Best Practices, -- (permalink)

A bank that ignores their own security advice? Yep, that appears to be what NAB is doing.

A typical Email or SMS Scam goes something like this.

Your Internet Banking Account has been disabled due to suspicious activity. Please call this number XXXX-XXXX to restore access. Thanks Bank X Security …

Thu 25 April 2013 | tags: security, updates, wordpress, wp-cli, -- (permalink)

Wow. Somehow I missed when this amazing tool was released. wp-cli. Just wow.

I have a bunch of scripts I use to keep all the Wordpress installs up to date on my server, it finds all the installs, then it downloads the latest version, checks each install for the installed …

Tue 05 April 2011 | tags: password, project honey pot, pwdhash, security, spam, -- (permalink)

I recently pushed out a new version of the GRASE Hotspot. I spent lots of time working on rewriting the splash/welcome page, and login forms so that they would work even with javascript disabled, and allow you to force it into the non javascript version if you are having …

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