Internet Reception

Wed 27 October 2010 | tags: 3g9wb, modem, nextg, -- (permalink)

Modem Reception So we finally got our modem a few weeks back. A 3G9WB, also known as a 3G9WT (Telstra Branding) or a 7.2 Home Gateway. Really, it's just a Netcomm router with a Sierra mobile module inside.

It's unlocked, but we still can only get Telstra NextG, although with a Yagi we might be able to get Optus 3G. However, even Telstra NextG is dodgy, showing as "Low" signal strength, or 2 bars out of 5. Often it'll just stop because the signal is too low. And 2G (EDGE) isn't any better.

So today we needed to download some video editing software, thought we give OpenShot a try instead of Cinelerra. Hoping for something a little simpler for basic editing. The download started off with an ETA of 30mins, and then the speed just kept dropping. Soon our ETA was 4 hours. I'd had enough, so I opened the window, removed the flyscreen and climbed onto the window sill. I then carefully wedged the modem into the louvers. Still only a low signal, but success! The download was finished in 3minutes! I might actually be able to upload my assignment quickly with the modem here (when the submission link is fixed up).

So, until we get an external antenna, we'll just have to use an external modem! :-P

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