Day 6

Mon 22 August 2011 | -- (permalink)

So not much has happened over the weekend due to it being very busy. Today the mini-DVI to HDMI adapter arrived, so I could finally "dock" the Macbook at my desk. After "docking" it with my monitor, keyboard and mouse, it suddenly feels less like a laptop and more like a desktop! More screen realestate is a big bonus. But being able to just pick it up, pull out a few cables and take it with me, tether it to my mobile via wifi and work on the go, just makes such a difference to having a separate desktop and laptop!

As I already used a password manager under Linux, I wanted an application that was compatible with my existing password database. Thankfully, Password Gorilla runs on OS X, and all the other platforms, and reads the same password database as pwsafe does. So while I was out today, I finally migrated a number of machine passwords into a secure "safe". The GUI is rather nice on the Mac, so I may considering using it under Linux too.

I've also installed Qumana which will allow me to blog without using a browser. This is something I did many moons ago, and so thought I'd try it again for this Project as it assists in making me use the Mac for the whole time, rather than using interfaces/apps/things that I am already comfortable with.

As I have a few uni assignments due this week, I probably won't spend much time working on the project. And unfortunately, at least for one of the assignments, I will have to use my Linux machine to complete it due to some tools that aren't available for Mac. I have contemplated installing Linux on the Mac, but for now figure that the time spent doing that is better spent on the assignments.

Interestingly, while setting in a shopping centre working today, some random walked past and said something like "Mac's are nice aren't they?" So for all those who want people to stop and talk to you, get a Mac!

I think I have gotten this Mac to the point that it's now very usable for me. I've installed enough apps to get me going, and I'm forcing myself to learn all the Mac shortcuts. Now I'll use it for all my Assignments this week as much as possible, and I think by the end of the week, I'll probably be using my Linux machine via VNC on my Mac!

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