Munin cgi graph timing out

Thu 01 September 2011 | tags: ipcrm, ipcs, munin, munin-cgi-graph, semaphore, timeout, -- (permalink)

A problem that has given lots of people problems, caused me issues yesterday. I have munin using munin-cgi-graph to create the graphs on demand due to me not often viewing the graphs. A few days ago I had a server issue that caused apache to lock up (I think a process ran away with my RAM which caused swapping and apache to lock up.) Once I apache running again, I wanted to check the munin graphs to see what the system looked like during the lockup (which killed a number of processes due to out of memory conditions). However, the graphs wouldn't generate and the cgi was timing out without sending any data.

Timeout waiting for output from CGI script /usr/lib/cgi-bin/munin-cgi-graph Premature end of script headers: munin-cgi-graph

I'm not alone ether. and both had issues. More googling still didn't find an answer so I tried to debug the perl cgi. After using CPAN to get Devel:Trace installed, I discovered the cgi was sitting waiting for a semaphore flag that it uses to ensure no more than a certain number of munin-graphs are running at once. This is great, except when a crash has caused this semaphore to be stuck at the maximum so no more munin-graph processes get started ever!

There are 2 solutions. The first is simple, reboot. The second is also simple, clear the semaphore flags manually. ipcs is the command to show the flags and ipcrm is the command for removing the semaphores. Check the man pages for information on the correct syntax.

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