Disable IPv6 in Transmission BT

After finally getting my IPv6 working nicely, it was time to prevent Transmission from using IPv6 as  I don’t want lots of torrent traffic going through the tunnel when it’s faster through IPv4 (until a time I can get Native IPv6). Apparently this is an “invalid” feature request according to some of the developers. (http://trac.transmissionbt.com/ticket/4197)

Had the developer actually stopped to consider it, maybe read some relevant parts of the source code, they would have quickly discovered that you can already disable it! They could document it as a feature without having to touch a line of code, and mark the feature request as completed!

It’s a rather simple fix. There are checks for the IPv6 address not being a link local address, or a 6to4, or Teredo tunnel[1]. So we just make Transmission bind to a link local address and hey presto, no IPv6 for Transmission!

Simply add the following line to the settings.json file.

"bind-address-ipv6": "fe80::"


[1] You’d think given that they already prevent Teredo tunnels from being used, that the feature request would actually make sense for those wishing to disable IPv6 due to TUNNEL’s!

  • lildadou

    Transmission does not connect to the tracker with this fix (Announce error: Could not connect to tracker).
    I use transmission-daemon 2.33 (12565) ; if you have news, let me know :)

    • tim

      I’m currently using transmission-daemon 2.13 and this hack works. I did read that this stopped working in a later version. Maybe a diff between a working version and a non-working version would help show what the problem is.
      Obviously if the tracker has a ipv6 address, it’ll be trying to connect on that address and hence the problem. Unless it’s a private tracker though, many torrents now days work fine without a tracker.

  • oiram

    on 2.51 using link local (fe80::*) is causing daemon not to talk to trackers

  • moo